How to Wear Your Autumn Garments Through Winter

How to Wear Your Autumn Garments Through Winter

While out shopping for a client last Saturday, browsing through stores and various clothing items, it became quite apparent that we are no longer shopping for summer items. All our favourite stores are now stocking items that inspire a more “winter” look.

To many the idea of winter might bring on the blues. But on the bright side we have a lot to look forward to fashion/style and trend wise this autumn and winter season.

Luckily for us we reside in a country with a warm climate. The days we need major coats and jackets are few and far in between. With that said this is a tricky time of the year, it’s not too hot or too cold. Most people won’t buy items just for autumn; the time frame for this season is very short. But with our climate you can easily carry your lighter autumn items over to winter.

In the picture below we are showing you how to do just that.



The color palette showcased above include lots of neutral colors. If you prefer brighter colors, then go ahead and add them to your outfit.

Both these looks are casual. All items can be purchased at

We hope you are inspired. How would you wear the Slub Top?

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