Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Episode 6 Bronwyn Saayman on VIA Channel 147

Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Episode 6 Bronwyn Saayman on VIA Channel 147

Image Avenue shopped for all the contestants new outfits on the show.


Bronwyn is a 42 year old woman. She is a wife, mother of two boys and a business owner. Bronwyn is more reserved and she doesn’t like to be in the spotlight. She also has a natural and classic style personality which means that she doesn’t like to spend too much time of make up and hair, she prefers a natural look. Her clothes should also be comfortable but of good quality. The problem with woman who have a natural style personality is that they sometimes feel boring and uninteresting. They also run the risk of doing to little with their image.

What Bronwyn wanted to achieve through this makeover is to appear more professional for her work, to be more attractive to her husband and to increase her self confidence. She was also unsure of how to put items together so she can look different each day. She was also concerned what will work with her body type. Bronwyn, like most women carries a little extra weight around her stomach area. If you know what to look for when you shop for items you can certainly make yourself appear slimmer around those problem areas.


This is Bronwyn on the day we went shopping for her. We wanted to get her items that would elongate her legs, she is quite short. So we went for straight pants and skinny’s. Bootleg would add to much bulk at her lower legs and make her appear even shorter.

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The narrow horizontal stripes with the solid navy coloured jacket is perfect to help her look more professional, taller and slimmer. The subtle print on the right is perfect for a professional look and the design of the top works with her style personality and her figure. The tan shoes are also something that every women should have in her wardrobe, it really goes with everything.

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More items that looks beautiful on Bronwyn and hits all her goals. Plus she looks like she instantly lost weight. All these items can be mixed and matched to create different looks.

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And with a new hairstyle and some make up she is ready to take on the world! A makeover is not about glamifying a person for one day but instead to teach them the skills so that they can look their best everyday. It is important to take into consideration each individual’s lifestyle, style personality and figure.

If you would also like a makeover please send us an email to:

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Bronwyn’s clothes were bought from: Woolworths SA, Trenery (availible in Woolworths), Foschini, Miladys and the shoes are from Truworths.

Remember to catch the show next week Tuesday on VIA channel 147 at 16:30pm.

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