Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Rudia Faro Episode 1 on Via Channel 147

Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Rudia Faro Episode 1 on Via Channel 147

Image Avenue shopped for all the contestants on the show.

Rudia is 42 years old, although she certainly does not look it! She runs her own business as vendor, she is a mother of two and also a wife to her husband.

Rudia is such a lovely lady, she is kind, gentle and very humble. She leads an extremely busy life and never has any time for herself, a problem that many women can relate to. The problem is that Rudia has become to comfortable in her daily “uniform”. She has not felt beautiful in such a very long time, its a crime because she is beautiful and it was our mission to set this right!!

When you shop for someone it is very important to take into consideration their body type, personal style personality and their lifestyle. How do we determine their style personality you may ask? We conduct a test and ask very important questions with regards to their work and personal lives. Rudia has natural and elegant style personality, she also has a job which requires her to walk and stand a lot and carry things around. Putting her in sky high heals and tight fitting outfits will not work for her and she wont feel comfortable or the need to continue with her new look. It has to be sustainable and doable on a daily basis.

We chose coloured skinny jeans and ankle grazers (pink and mint green). These jeans are fun and playful and shows off her gorgeous legs. They are also very versatile with the tops we got her and can easily be mixed and matched to create different looks. The tops are loose, flowy and comfortable while still being stylish and more feminine in comparison to her normal day to day t-shirts. We wanted to get her a dress, the dress is a normal shift dress, perfect for dressing up or dressing down. Rudia normally wore a pair of white sports sandals, which made her appear boyish and unfeminine. We got her two pairs of beautiful sandals, which fits and walks comfortable. We also got a pair of cute sneakers which also makes her outfits more trendy and adds something different.

Rudia has definitely had a huge increase in confidence, she wanted a “new her” and we think she got it! She looks so beautiful and this very special lady deserves it! It was so much fun to shop for her and being able to be part of this journey.

What do you think of Rudia’s makeover?

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Rudia Before and After

Outfits were bought from Foschini and WOOLWORTHS SAand accessories from Lovisa and Klines

Remember to watch the next episode on VIA TV on channel 147 next Tuesday at 16:30 🙂

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