Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Ruwayda Isaacs Episode 7 on VIA Channel 147

Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Ruwayda Isaacs Episode 7 on VIA Channel 147

Ruwayda is a gorgeous 41 year old woman, she is a wife and also a mother of three. One of Ruwayda’s biggest concerns is her weight. Because she feels embarrassed by the way she looks, she hide’s herself away from the world, even her family. This lady is no introvert, in fact she is bubbly, talkative and outgoing, so for her to stay indoors does not make sense at all. But we get it, having a problem with your weight can seriously do damage to your confidence, it limits you from living your life to the fullest.

We wanted to show Ruwayda (hopefully other lady’s too) that you do not have to wait until you lose weight to feel beautiful and confident. You can feel like that now and it will also be a motivation for you to start your weight loss journey.

Ruwayda was not at all excited about trying on garments in the fitting rooms, she was convinced that there would be nothing for her to wear. But after outfit one, she walked out of the fitting room like a model…in the words of Oprah, “she had a AH-HAH moment.” We hope that Ruwayda’s journey would be an inspiration to you too.


This is the outfit Ruwayda had on when we met her. It is pretty but the top does not fit well and there is a serious bad bra situation that needs to be situated (in other words, she needs to get measured for her right bra size).

020 023

These pictures above proves my point! If you are wearing the incorrect underwear it can have a negative effect on your posture, it will make you appear lazy and your clothes will not fit well. Look how much better the photo on the right looks compared to the photo on the left. She already looks taller and slimmer, all because of the right bra…

022 032

The AH-HAH moments! Ruwayda is certainly a woman that can pull off prints. We also got her some shape wear, Donna Clair has great pieces. They fit well and they are very comfortable. Shape wear is the secret to getting that smooth and slim appearance in your outfits.

And now for Ruwayda’s big reveal:

This is Ruwayda before…

And this is Ruwayda after…

4W2A5556 copy

4W2A5621 copy  4W2A5583 copy

What a massive change in her body language! She looks confident and stunning. Ruwayda was overjoyed with the changed and loved every single second of this journey.

Even though she still wants to lose the extra weight, she already looks like she did! Putting in a little extra effort in your appearance will help you feel better and do better.

What do you think of Ruwayda’s makeover? Would you like us to help you in making your positive change? Then email us at:

Ruwayda’s clothes were bought from: Miladys and Donna Clair.

Please remember to watch the show on VIA on Channel 147 every Tuesday at 16:30pm.

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