Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Episode 8 Arina Du Toit on VIA Channel 147

Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Episode 8 Arina Du Toit on VIA Channel 147

The team from Image Avenue shopped for all the new outfits the contestants received on the show “How op Wegsteek.”

Arina is a 33 year old advocate, she runs her own successful practice. Arina is a gorgeous and very friendly young lady. For her, appearance is not very important but because she is a professional she understands that the image she projects to others does say a lot about her. Arina has a very strong natural style personality, which explains why she does not wear make up and likes a no-fuss hairstyle. She also likes to be feminine (she loves a dress or skirt and soft fabrics). She has a triangle body shape and she is very short, this can make shopping challenging for her, but certainly not impossible.

Arina is an advocate, she is seen as a professional. Looking at the photo below would you say she looks like an advocate? One of Arina’s goals for this makeover was to learn how she can dress more professionally.

4W2A7499 copy

Your professional image says a lot about you. It is very important that the image you project is translated correctly by others. The image above does not say “I am an advocate” it tells a different story. Taking into a account what she does for a living and her body shape there are a couple of things she could do differently to make this look more professional:

  • Pumps are a no-no, Arina says she has weak ankles, so high heels messes with her balance but instead of these very casual pumps she could wear a slight wedge or a court shoe with a slight heel. The pumps have a round toe, this shortens Arina’s legs, rather go for almond toe shape which will make her legs appear taller and make her look more professional.

Julianne-Wedge-9340243424326 Leather-Pointy-Court-Shoes-6009189105814

  • Be careful of a skirt that flairs at your knees, especially if  your legs are very short and you appear heavier at the bottom. Rather go for a straight pencil skirt, it classic and more stylish.


  • The top that Arina has on in this photo fits badly, it does not look flattering or professional. A top with a more open neckline would be more flattering and make her neck appear longer (please check that your neckline is not too low for work, no cleavage). A looser soft fabric will also be more appropriate for her shape, but not to loose or big. Tuck the top or shirt in to create a more neat appearance and the illusion of an hourglass figure.


  •  Remember wearing the correct underwear is so very important if you want your garments to fit you properly.
  • Do wear make up. If applied correctly it can still look natural and professional. See the difference it makes:

4W2A7522 copy 4W2A7758 copy

Just making small changes already makes a huge difference!

All the items shown above are available at Woolworths SA.

We love Arina’s new look, she looks beautiful, what do you think?

Arina before:

4W2A7516 copy

Arina after:

4W2A7728 copy

It was a blast to get to know this fabulous woman and wish her all the best of luck in her future!


Look out for the next episode of “Hou op Wegsteek” next Tuesday at 16:30 on VIA channel 147.

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