Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Episode 9 Monica van Wyk on VIA Channel 147

Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Episode 9 Monica van Wyk on VIA Channel 147

The team from Image Avenue shopped with each contestant for their new outfits showcased on the show.

There is nothing worse when a woman does not feel or think she is beautiful. For Monica a 52 year old mother  of four and a loving wife, this has been the idea she has had about herself most of her adult life.

Even though Monica has a very social and fun personality, she struggles with her self confidence. Shopping has become a nightmare because she does not know what will work for her. Her wardrobe consist of over sized, mostly black button-up blouses and pants. She literally hides behind her clothes. A lot of us would like to think that buying bigger is better and “slimming”, but we are achieving the opposite result, we look bigger! I always say if you are a size 16 then buy a size 16. Sure not all size 16’s are made equal, but rather shop around for the right brand. Another risk you are taking for buying bigger sizes is the chance to grow into them, so do not give yourself the option.

Remember if a garment fits you properly, it gives you shape. If you wear the wrong size or shape it will make you appear boxy and bigger then you really are. See the difference in the photo bellow. Once Monica wore an outfit that shapes around her waist area, she instantly looks slimmer. Monica is still uncomfortable with showing off her arms, that is OK. Rome was not built in a day, as long as you choose coverage that work with your outfit and shape.

Monica Size

Another mistake Monica and many other ladies make is hiding behind black. Black is not necessarily the best, it can make you look older and tired and it is not always as slimming as you might think. Monica is a lady that needs color, bright and friendly colors.

Be careful of wearing black close to your face, if are wearing black you need to apply a lot of make up to work with the harshness of the color. Yes, make up and proper lighting does wonders, but look closely to what the peachy colors are doing for Monica versus the black. There are people out there that can wear black but there are also many who cant. Wearing the right colors will lift your spirit and self confidence. If you are unsure what colors you should wear go for a color analysis (Tip: we can help you with that).

Monica colour

So ladies remember buy the right styles, shapes and colors. There are a lot of brands and shops out there that will suit and meet your needs. We bought Monica’s garments at the following stores: Woolworths SA, Miladys and Foschini. Shape wear was bought from Donna Clair.

Our wish for Monica is to see what we see, a beautiful woman!! She can now be the example of a confident woman for her daughters that she always wanted to be. What do you think about Monica’s makeover?

Monica Before:

4W2A5685 copy

Monica After:

4W2A5906 copy

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Please remember to watch the show, there are so many awesome tips that are shared. “Hou op Wegsteek” is on every week Tuesday at 16:30 on Via channel 147.

Yours in Style,

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