Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Episode 11 Adele Louw on VIA Channel 147

Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Episode 11 Adele Louw on VIA Channel 147

The team from Image Avenue shopped with each contestant for their new outfits showcased on the show.

Adele Louw is 45 year old wife and mother of one. She runs her own successful marketing business. Adele pumps energy into every room she enters with her wonderful personality. What has been holding Adele back her whole life, is her length. She is very short (1.54) and petite. When it comes to shopping she has put limits on what she can wear and buy, because of her length. So certain items, like skinny jeans was taboo, because they will just not work on her body, or so she thought.

Adele has an amazing body, she is sexy and with her bubbly personality she can look amazing! T-shirts and bootleg jeans did her no justice. This is Adele’s daily uniform, although we don’t think she looks bad at all, she could do better.

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Adele needed clothes that would work with her personality and her body. So playing with colors and prints would be a great idea for her. While out shopping with Adele for her new look, I got her to try these colored skinny jeans. She was amazed at how good they look on her. She has always been convinced that she cant wear them, so she never even tried. The soft fabric of the top works with her curves and the print is fun and interesting.


Adele is a professional, she meets with a lot of clients and she needs to look the part. This outfit below is something that she would never have tried on her own, but she loved the results. Ladies sometimes something does not have “hanger-appeal”, but it is has all the appeal when you try it on! This outfit is both playful and professional, pair it with a pair of heels and Bob’s your uncle.


We love putting limitations on ourselves and by doing that we miss out on so many wonderful things! Adele’s clothing world has changed! When she goes out to shop now, she will try out different things. So our challenge for you next time you go to the shops, is to try something new. A new color or style or a dress if you always wear pants. Let us know what this change does for you.

With her new and more modern hairstyle, Adele looks gorgeous in her new outfits.

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What do you think of Adele’s new look?

If you are scared of trying something new and need help with shopping, why not get us to help you. Email us at: for more info.

Season 1 of ” Hou op Wegsteek” is almost over. If you would like to enter to receive a free makeover yourself, please email with your motivation. You never know what could happen:)

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