Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Episode 12 Nicole Price on VIA Channel 147

Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Episode 12 Nicole Price on VIA Channel 147

The team from Image Avenue shopped with each contestant for their new outfits showcased on the show.

Nicole Price is a 28 year old wife and stay at home mother of a beautiful baby boy. Nicole is the youngest contestant on the show, so it was very exciting to work with her! Nicole is so stunningly beautiful inside and out and she loved every second of our shopping experience.

Like most new moms, Nicole “lost” her style after she became a mom. The truth is she did not lose her style, she just needed some guidance to find a new version of it.

Nicole is sexy, with a touch of both elegance and some drama or as she says it “Grundge!”

There are two points I want to get across in this post.

  1. When you become a mother it does not mean you have to dress like a nun. You can still be sexy and stylish, while being able to look after your kids. Some of the items we bought for Nicole might not be totally functional from day to day, but we wanted her to feel special and beautiful again.

This is the outfit Nicole had on when we met her.


2. The way you wear (style) your outfitsĀ are extremely important! If you style them the wrong way the clothes can actually make you look older or frumpy. Unfortunately we were not present for the styling of the items on the show and we think they made Nicole look older. Your hairstyle, make up, accessories and underwear all play a very important part.

Lets look at underwear: This long sheer shirt is from Witchery, it is so trendy right now and perfect for a 28 year old woman. But look at the first picture, she wore a white camisole underneath and the buttons were done up in a high v-neck. Now look at the second picture…


We chose a flesh colored “shape wear” camisole from Woolworths this time and opened up more buttons. It smooths out the appearance of the look and creates a sexy but elegant illusion. All this look needs now is a pair of heels or pointed flats. For accessories you can do small to medium earrings and bangles. Simple, sexy and stylish.


Now look at this version done a different way, we do not agree with this look for Nicole, it makes her look older. This version would be more suitable for someone older. With this version, we are specifically pointing to her hairstyle and accessories.

4W2A4840 copy

Lets have a look at another look:

This is a very easy and still very stylish look for Nicole. This top is made from a very soft fabric, it also has a boxy and soft fit. This means that when Nicole moves we still see her gorgeous shape. It is comfortable and paired with the skinny jeans, she looks youthful, sexy and still appropriately dressed as a mother.


Unfortunately this look was styled incorrectly on the show. This look is more appropriate for someone older. The above look is more appropriate for a 28 year old. The accessories together with the loose black pants and the sash around her waist is aging. Nicole has a great figure, she is not overweight, so there is no need to accentuate her waist. You can see her figure naturally. Always remember that it is better to wear a loose fitting top with a tighter fitting pant or visa versa. Loose on loose can look frumpy.


The look below would be more appropriate, she would just need to wear heels.


Styling can make all the difference to how your outfits appear. Nicole is stunning and young and she should celebrate that. Remember when you become a mom, you are still a woman who needs to look and feel good about herself.

If you are a new mom and need help with finding your style again, we can help you. Email us at:



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