Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Episode 13 Jacky Buser on VIA Channel 147

Makeovers “Hou op Wegsteek” Episode 13 Jacky Buser on VIA Channel 147

The team from Image Avenue shopped with each contestant for their new outfits showcased on the show.

Jacky Buser is a 35 year old wife, mother and successful business owner. Jacky started her own recruitment company just over a year ago. She has done very well for herself, but the time has come for her to take a new approach in order to grow her business. This means that she needs to go out and meet with high-end clients. Her main goal for entering this show was to learn how she can look more professional. She wants her current and future clients to see her as a successful and capable woman.

Jacky had concerns about the shopping experience. Since her weight was an issue for her, she was not convinced that the stores would have anything for her. But I am very happy to report that the shopping was majorly successful and Jacky was beaming and dancing with happiness. This is what we love to see, when women are happy about the way they look.

Jacky is a woman who lights up a room when she enters it. But her appearance did not reflect the person I am describing.

This is what Jacky use to look like:

4W2A8136 copy

If you are a fuller figured woman that carries weight around her stomach area, you want to avoid 3/4 sleeves. The spot where the sleeves end creates a horizontal line that cuts across her stomach area. Can you see how this makes her stomach area appear larger. This print is also completely wrong and does not accentuate any of her gorgeous features.

Here is another look at Jacky before.

4W2A8121 copy

Here is Jacky after:

4W2A8576 copy

Jacky looks exquisite!!

The biggest change is her hair. She has hair that I would kill for, thick, beautiful and the color ladies is oh natural. The shorter style really suits her and it look very professional. There is no more hair to hide behind and she has to do her hair, so no more ponytails.

Jacky is wearing a skinny black jean from Miladys. The top and long vest is from Donna Clair. She can wear the jeans and top both casually and professionally. Now this outfit says; “bring on the business!”

4W2A8505 copy

Jacky is very tall, so this long jersey is something that she can definitely wear. Jacky also wears a size 9 shoe, so for all the ladies out there struggling with larger shoe sizes, go and visit Donna Clair.

4W2A8354 copy

Jacky also needed a pop of color, all her previous clothes were in colors that made her look faded. This aqua color brings out her pretty eyes.

Remember ladies that if you want to be seen as professional, you must dress like one! Your professional look circle will be completed by applying a little make up. Show people you made the effort.

4W2A8160 copy

4W2A8533 copy

The proof is in the pudding or in this instance the after photos of Jacky. We did manage to find clothes for her and not just one outfit. She looks very beautiful and professional.

Life is too short for many things. One of them is not feeling beautiful, sexy, feminine, gorgeous or whatever you want to feel like. Stop hiding, show off your arms, because they are not as big as you think. Show of your legs, because no one is focusing on that one little vain that only you can see. Be a little kinder to yourself and embrace the beauty that God has blessed you with.

Be happy and remember; in the words of Annie and SIA “your never truly dressed without a smile!”

4W2A8596 copy

We hoped you enjoyed this season of Hou op Wegsteek! If you would like a makeover on the show email: with your motivation OR just email them and tell them what you loved and what we can do better.

Thank you for all the support and love!

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