#World Recycle Week @ H&M

#World Recycle Week @ H&M

If there was ever a reason to go to your wardrobe and get rid of all your unwearable oldies, this is it!

Our planet needs our help to create a sustainable future. Making recycling part of your daily routine is so beneficial and if you did not know, you can recycle your fashion too.

H&M invites you to visit any of their local stores and drop of all your unwanted clothing items for recycling. In return for your planet-benefiting efforts, they will give you discount when you buy something new from them. You have till the 24th of April to take advantage of this great opportunity.

So go to your wardrobe and have an honest look at all your garments. See what still fits and what does not. Also remember to ask yourself when you last wore it and if you will wear it again? The more space you create in your wardrobe the more you will be able to see what you actually have. This will make your daily dressing routine easier and it will help you spot the gaps in your wardrobe that you need to fill.


Go out and do the right thing! As far as we can see its win win situation for all.

For information on this amazing H&M initiative visit:  http://www.hm.com/za/world-recycle-week

Also remember that if you are in need of  a perfect shopping partner, give us a shout at: say-hi@image-avenue.co.za

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