Gorgeous2Go Renee De Wit – The fabulous makeup artist on last night’s episode of Kwela

Gorgeous2Go Renee De Wit – The fabulous makeup artist on last night’s episode of Kwela


The statement “Makeup is not a mask, makeup is an art, a passion and expression” comes alive in Renee, the owner of Gorgeous 2 Go hair and makeup mobile artists. Renee lives and breaths the art and magic of makeup.

Renee joined us on set on last night’s episode of Kwela on Kyknet. We were blown away by her high service standards and quality of work. With her bubbly charms she makes you feel comfortable and knows exactly how to enhance your best features. We all felt like a million bucks after leaving her chair.


Wanting to know more about Renee and her business we asked her the following questions:

IA: What made you fall in love with makeup and choosing to work in this industry?

Renee: I first fell in love with the art of makeup as a child doing my sisters (I have three) makeup for their matric dances. I was only about 8 or 9 then. I used to practice on my dolls. I loved the effect it had on the individuals. They seemed more confident and walked a bit taller. Most importantly it made them feel good about themselves.

IA: What do you love most about what you do?

Renee: I love empowering woman through the art of makeup. I mostly work on fashion and beauty photo shoots but also teach women how to do their own make up. To be honest that is what makes me the happiest.


IA: What do you wish every woman knew about their makeup routines?

Renee: If I could teach woman just one thing is to dare to wear red lipstick! It instantly makes you look more sophisticated and confident.


IA: What is your top tip for flawless makeup?

Renee: Prepping your skin! Use a good serum and moisturizer to ensure your skin is hydrated before applying foundation. Without this, your skin will simply absorb the makeup.


IA: Why should people book services at Gorgeous 2 Go?

Renee: Women should book services not just for special events, but also to make themselves feel and look amazing. All in the comfort of their own homes.

Visit www.gorgeous2go.co.za to book their services. Some of their services include bridal makeup, matric dances and corporate events.

After the amazing experience we had with Renee, we highly recommend her services to you. She is beautiful, friendly and super professional, let her work her magic on you.

We would also just like to thank Renee again for being apart of the show!

Here is some of Renee’s amazing work:

Portfolio 4 Portfolio 3 Portfolio 2 Portfolio 1

Yours in Style,

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