Spoilt Hair and Nails – Shoneez Warrington the fabulous hairstylist on last night’s episode of Kwela

Spoilt Hair and Nails – Shoneez Warrington the fabulous hairstylist on last night’s episode of Kwela


Shoneez Warrington is a hairstylist that truly stands out from the hair industry crowd. I have been to many hairstylists before and can honestly say that Shoneez is one of the best. She is the owner of the beautiful salon Spoilt hair and nails in Cape Town.

Shoneez is stunning, graceful, friendly and so professional. She joined us on set on last night’s episode of Kyknet’s Kwela. If you loved our hairstyles as much as we did, we are happy to say that Shoneez is the stylist responsible. She understands hair and knows how to work with it to give you the most beautiful results.

We wanted to know more about Shoneez and her business and asked her a couple of questions:

IA: What made you fell in love with hair and choose to work in this specific industry?

Shoneez: I fell in love with hair when I was 16 years old. I went into a hair salon and looked at everybody doing hair and I realized that this is not work. This is exactly what I want to do, it looks amazing! That was my first experience with hair and what a salon was all about.


IA: What excites you most about coloring and styling hair?

Shoneez: My two passions about coloring and styling is that we try and stay on top of trends as much as possible. We always want to know what is the newest and latest thing. The most important thing is that we always try and keep hair in the best condition. When your hair is in a good condition anything looks good.

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IA: What do you wish every woman knew about their hair?

Shoneez: I wish that every woman knew that whatever problem you think you have with your hair, their is always a solution for the problem. You just have to find the right person to look after your hair. Always do your research when looking for a new hairstylist.


IA: What is your top tip for home hair care?

Shoneez: Their are only two things that hair desperately needs and that is protein and moisture.  You need to find the right balance by getting advice from a professional stylist. The stylist will be able to determine how much moisture and how much protein you need to recommend the correct products.


IA: Why should people visit Spoilt Hair and Nails Salon?

Shoneez: People should visit Spoilt because we are one of the leaders in the industry. We are highly qualified and educated and we stay up to date will all the new trends and techniques.  If you would like to have you hair done by the best of the best, Spoilt is your place.


As Image Consultants and stylists we understand the importance of a great hair condition and style. We highly recommend Shoneez and her team at Spoilt. You will want to look at your hair all day and other people will look too.

Visit their website at www.spoiltsalon.co.za for more information on their services.

We would also like to thank Shoneez for joining us on the show. The day with her was a blast.

One more look at one of their clients beautiful hair;


Yours in Style,

Image Avenue

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