The Benefit of Wearing Prints and Patterns – Fine Floral’s From Poetry Stores

The Benefit of Wearing Prints and Patterns – Fine Floral’s From Poetry Stores

Prints and patterns have the power to add interest and personality to garments and outfits. Wearing garments with these style elements strategically, can help attract attention to your best features. This is why we love them!

When it comes to shopping for garments with prints and patterns an excellent choice of store is always Poetry. Season in and season out, they treat our visual senses with beautiful and feminine designs.

If you are looking for the perfect print and pattern edition to your wardrobe, you will find an exquisite range of floral prints in store and online right now. Visit

We have selected a few garments and added some tips to help you choose the perfect print and style for your shape:

Pattern size and placement

Think about where you want to attract attention and what you would like others not to notice.

For example if you have a narrow hip line matched with a broader shoulder line or bigger bust, then you would want to place your prints and patterns at the bottom. If you wearing printed pants with a plainer top the attention will be drawn away from your shoulder line or bust towards your legs. Wearing your outfit like this will also help to visually broaden your hip line, thus creating balance between your hips and shoulders or bust.

If your goal is to attract attention to your upper body away from your broader hip line, then you want to place your prints and patterns at the top. Tops with prints will add more width to your upper body and if worn with plain solid color pants, can create a more balanced shape. With eye catching tops like these, people wont even notice what pants you are wearing.

Most of Poetry’s prints and patterns are medium sized and subtle or complex, which distracts the eye from focusing on just one area specifically. That is why these dresses are such a great choice for your wardrobe. The right print combined with the right style will enhance all your best features and hide any flaws.

Our favorite item in this floral collection is this bomber jacket!

This is a season must have in any fashionable woman’s wardrobe. If worn open along with a top and pants of the same color (for example grey) it can have a slimming and lengthening effect.

With so many benefits, make prints and patterns the hero of your outfit.

Yours in Style,

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