Corporate Styling

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Today the new corporate generation looks vastly different from the one 20 years ago.  It’s trendier, technological, fast paced, ever changing and constantly evolving. Can you keep up? Can your staff keep up? Do they possess the necessary skills to represent themselves and your business in the best possible way? Look around, what do you see? A team that screams success or a team that leaves you unimpressed? People buy people – Each individual in your company has their own personal brand and they represent your brand.

People are the most valuable part of your company and corporate brand. The way your employees behave, act and look directly influences the way the world see you as a company. Consider the risk to your business, by not focusing on your people (employee) brand.

Image Avenue provides a proven methodology to improve people branding. By giving individuals the information and skills they need to develop their personal brand we ensure that it aligns with the brand of the employer.

The methodology can be delivered in flexible ways. Our aim is to work with you to create a package, specifically targeting your company culture, goals and future direction.

Problem solving solutions and benefits of specific or grouped workshops:

Problem 1

We do not feel that our employees are aligned with the company’s brand.

problem 2

The way some of our employees dress and conduct themselves is not appropriate in our company culture.


problem 3

We want to inspire and motivate our employees to communicate more effectively.

problem 4

We want our new graduates to get the fundamentals of the corporate world right. How to establish a strong foundation as a young professional.


problem 5

We want to do something special for the woman in our team but we are unsure what that should be?