Problem 2

Corporate Workshops, Seminars, Styling, Shopping, Ladies Events, Make-up, Image Consulting.


  • The way some of our employees dress and conduct themselves is not appropriate in our company culture.
  • I am concerned about my employees when they go out to see clients. Are they dress appropriately and do they conduct themselves in a professional manner?


Polished Professional – First Impressions, Dress Code, Office Conduct and Etiquette Workshop: Every company has their own unique culture. With this culture comes a specific dress code and code of conduct. Your employees will learn (in a fun and non-offensive way) how to dress and groom appropriately for their work place. The workshop will also amplify the importance of professionalism in all aspects of the work place.


Get your employees out of their comfort zones. This will inspire and motivate them to look and act more professional. This will have a positive effect on the impression they make on others.

Did you know: We can shop with your employees to help them choose the right styles for their body shapes and the work dress code. (See our incentive program.

Did you know: We can assist you in the planning and implementing of uniforms for your company. Please contact us for more information.